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Outreach work among young people at risk to increase the knowledge of the health risk taken, elimination or reduction of risk behavior and supporting positive behavioral changes, counseling individuals on safe sexual behavior, distributing informational materials to promote sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention, distribution of condoms, motivation for limiting the risk behavior and support positive changes in behavior;

• Analysis of the situation regarding young people at risk and mapping the region of the field;

• Selecting and maintaining a team of peer educators;

• Maintenance of municipal Club / Centre for peer educators in a room provided by the municipality or in a room of non-governmental organization and provision of information and materials about safe sex practices;

• Reaching the maximum rate among young people at risk in the region, each reached at least once

• Targeting young people at risk over 16 years for HIV testing, motivation to reduce risky behavior;

• Providing professional and regular supervision of the team of peer educators for outreach work with young people at risk;

• Conduct media campaigns to reach young people at risk in the area three times a year;

• Organizing and conducting seminars and meetings at local and regional level with other teams for fieldwork, formed under the Programme, consensus meetings with those institutions and organizations within the municipality / region involved with the problems of young people at risk, and seminars for training of peers for young people at risk in the region

The program is funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

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